Hemp Processing

Body Teck Organics is a licenced processor for hemp in Tennessee threw the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA).

We offer competitive prices and are willing to process as low as 5 pounds at a time, something most of our competitors do not offer. 

ATM we offer ethanol extraction with a new extraction method coming very soon.

Bottling and Packaging

Body Teck Organics offers bottling and packaging for many different products.

Our bottling and packaging system is very simple as we do all the work for you. From helping you find the right bottle or container that fits your needs to helping you design your own label.

Research and Development

  • Research: This is the stage were we find out what kinda product our client is looking to make. We then see what herbs and combinations of different products we can use to achieve the clients goal. We do all the research possible to see if that product will then be safe to manufacture. If it seems to be safe we then move onto development.
  • Development: This is the stage were we start testing if the product can be made. Threw testing in our lab with different combinations and making sure the outcome is what the client is looking for.
  • Manufacturing: At this stage the client has seen the final product and we move to the final steps of packaging and shipping.