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Studies suggest that Lion’s Maine supports:

Cognitive health: It is possible that lion’s mane mushrooms might boost cognitive function, In one study, lion’s mane dietary supplements appeared to give the test subject better object recognition and recognition memory. Other researchers have concluded that the mushrooms may have the potential to treat or prevent diseases that cause a decline in cognitive health, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s diseaseAn older Japanese study on adults aged between 50 and 80 years with mild cognitive impairment found that daily consumption of mushroom extract for 16 weeks led to higher scores on cognitive function scales compared with a placebo group. These scores decreased again once the participants stopped taking the extract.

Cancer: The antioxidant properties of lion’s mane mushrooms may play a role in cancer prevention or treatment. The results of an in vitro study indicate that lion’s mane extracts have therapeutic potential against human leukemiaA study on test subjects found that these mushroom extracts may also fight liver, colon, and gastric cancer cells. These findings are promising!

Diabetes: Controlling blood sugar levels is key to managing diabetes. In one study, blood sugar levels in test subjects with diabetes were lower after they received lion’s mane mushroom extract for 4 weeks. One of the complications of diabetes is nerve damage resulting from prolonged periods of high blood sugar. A 2015 study on test subjects, in which they ingested lion’s mane extract for 6 weeks, showed positive results, including lower blood sugar levels, reduced feelings of nerve pain, and improved antioxidant activity.

Nervous system recovery: Damage to the nervous system can have significant effects on health. Some research suggests that extracts of lion’s mane mushrooms may encourage nerve cells to grow and repair more quickly. One study showed that test subjects with nerve damage receiving a daily extract of lion’s mane mushrooms had quicker nerve regeneration.


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