Whiskers Inflammation


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Some studies suggest that CBD may give a calming mildly sedative affect to pets and in most cases relaxes there whole body as well as easing pain and mobility. They also suggest CBD intake leads to a very good nights sleep for the pets when taken in the later part of the day to ensure the most mental and physical restoration available naturally. For Overall Health we have formulated this product with a veterinarian used and approved multivitamin infused with 200mg. CBD, to ensure as long as they are taking there CBD they will be getting nutrition and relief. For Pain we have added 1000 mg. of Lactucarium / lactosa Virosa also known as opium lettuce or wild lettuce. For Inflammation we have added 1500 mg. Of Curcumin (Curcumoids) the active ingredient in turmeric, it is world renown for its anti- inflammatory properties through out the body on a cellular level. Our products are third party tested to ensure quality control, Costumer safety and industry standards are kept.


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